Nintendo Japan announce DS price cuts; new colors for DSi LL

Nintendo have slashed prices on their DS-range of gaming handhelds, together with outing a few new colors for the DSi LL.  In Japan, the DS Lite will be cut from 16,800 yen ($183) to "open pricing" (where retailers are free to set their own figures) while the DSi will fall from 18,900 yen ($206) to 15,000 yen ($164).  Meanwhile the DSi LL will fall from 20,000 yen ($218) to 18,000 yen ($197).

As for the new colors, the current brown, white and red DSi LL units will be joined by new blue, yellow and green versions.  These will seemingly be priced the same as the existing handhelds.

The new pricing – and the new colors – will arrive in Japan on June 19th.  However there's currently no word on whether international markets can expect similar price cuts.  The move is likely being made to combat recent drops in DSi sales, in advance of the 3D-capable Nintendo 3DS making its debut later this year.

[via Andriasang]