Nintendo 3DS “is cool” says EA CEO; 3D content distribution key warns Capcom CEO

Chris Davies - Jun 9, 2010
Nintendo 3DS “is cool” says EA CEO; 3D content distribution key warns Capcom CEO

It’s obviously a week for games developer CEOs to drop hints about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, the Japanese company’s 3D gaming handheld, with both Capcom’s Haruhiro Tsujimoto and EA’s John Riccitiello talking about the device in recent interviews.  Each exec was careful not to overstep Nintendo’s NDAs ahead of E3, with Riccitiello only conceding that “I will tell you, I’ve seen it; it’s cool.”

As for Tsujimoto, he wouldn’t say whether he’s been playing with the 3DS, but he did attempt to draw a connection with the success of mobile gaming offerings and App Store style distribution methods.  He points to NTT DoCoMo’s iMode platform, and how that was a success because it allowed users to access the content they were interested in while on the move.  On the 3DS, he says:

“Of course, it allows us to do things that couldn’t be done until now, so the development staff is showing great interest, but what’s important is how much the users themselves want 3D content. What we’re more looking forward to is the offering of a new business model. Nintendo has been in the hardware business for a long time, and I believe they must be looking closely at Apple’s recent success. We third parties are paying attention to Nintendo’s E3 3DS announcement because of this point as well.” Haruhiro Tsujimoto, CEO, Capcom

The idea of a Nintendo mobile gaming download store isn’t new, and was reignited recently when new trademarks apparently connected with the 3DS were unearthed in Japan.  We’re expecting to hear plenty more about the Nintendo 3DS at E3 2010.

[Haruhiro Tsujimoto interview via andriasang – thanks Simon!]

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