Nintendo change US/Euro DSi launch to Spring-Summer 09?

Has the Nintendo DSi release date changed?  Last month several sources claimed Nintendo were planning a roughly April 4th US release for the updated handheld, earlier than the company's original Summer 2009 prediction.  Now, according to a document [pdf link] on Nintendo's Japanese site that details the 2009 release schedule, the DSi is expected in "2009 Spring-Summer".

That range would allow for a release as early as March 20th (the first day of Spring in 2009), although it's unlikely that Nintendo are timing their launch around the vernal equinox.  Still, the April 4th date we heard so much about would certainly fit in there.

The Nintendo DSi takes the current DS and adds dual-cameras (one inward-facing in the hinge, for video chat, and the second on the outside, for photography) and an SD card slot for media files.  It also has slightly larger displays, at 3.25-inches over 3-inches, and is region-locked.

[via electricpig]