Possible Nintendo DSi price and release date?

If you believe the little rumor birdies (or the guys over at IGN), it seems that Nintendo's DSi will be dropping much sooner than anyone had anticipated.  On top of that, there's also a rumored price for the DSi.

According to IGN, their sources put the DSi's release somewhere on or around April 4.  The price is supposedly going to be $179.99.  The price is believed to be much higher than the DS Lite (at $129.99) due to the DS Lite's popularity.  Nintendo would like buyers to see the DS Lite as the system for casual gamers and the DSi to be seen as the system for avid gamers.

A few different sources confirmed the details above, but until Nintendo makes an official announcement, we can't call this anything but speculation. We'll keep you up to date on whether or not this story makes it out of rumorland and into factville when we learn more.