Nintendo 64 revived in color Lekki edition

Chris Burns - Nov 29, 2013
Nintendo 64 revived in color Lekki edition

We’re certain you did not expect to see the name Nintendo 64 in your news feed today, but there it is – revived by the company called Lekki. This machine will be sold by the company in a collection of new colors never available with the console’s standard run. While users were able to get a black/gray unit as well as some particularly flashy bright yellow Pokemon style runs, this release (unofficial, non-Nintendo sanctioned, mind you), will come in a set of white-topped colored-bottom units.

The folks at Lekki work with the phrase “Back to Basics” with good reason. They take and refurbish a collection of excellent and/or classic devices in the gaming and smart device world, giving them new coatings for a new life in the wild. Because of this, these device’s original warrantees are no longer valid at all whatsoever. As they suggest, “All hardware related warranty service is the sole responsibility of Lëkki.”


This Nintendo 64 is, unfortunately for some of you out there in readerland, the PAL version of the device, meaning users in North America and Japan will be out of luck. For those of you really, really aiming to work with this color, you’ll be glad to know that you could technically take the whole thing apart and push the parts to a USA-compatible unit if you really wanted to. You’d have to buy one of those from eBay or something similar in that case.


The packs Lekki sells contain one single Nintendo 64 (or Super Mario 64 as they call it) and one controller, completely refurbished to new and customized as such. That package will run you 130 Euro, shipped anywhere in the world.


These folks also refurbish and customize devices like the Motorola StarTAC 130, Ericsson A2628, Nokia 6210, and Nokia 3210 as well. They’ve rebooted the Super Nintendo, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Pocket too. Strange times and awesome business!

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