Nintendo 64 modded to mobility, looks like a gigantic Gameboy

There's this fellow by the name of Slipstream, folks, and he's created not on, not two, but three N64 handheld gaming devices, each of them able to play full-sized Nintendo 64 cartridges through a 4.3-inch LCD display – and you'll never guess what the whole final package looks like. Behold the Electus 64, or as I like to call it, the Gameboy Massive. You're about to see a fully functional custom-made setup that'll play everything from GoldenEye 64 to StarFox, all of it from a candy apple red chassis you're bound to have a heart attack over if you've got a mind for retro reborn.

What you're seeing here is a one-piece travel-ready console that can play full sized Nintendo 64 games complete with a set of controls you'd normally have on your classic N64 via a built in Retro 64 controller PLUS a set of menu buttons that are able to control bits of the display. Your 4.3-inch LCD display here has menu buttons to change color, contrast, sharpness, brightness, tiny, and switch between 4/3 and 16/9 screen ratio. There's a 2 player port that'll allow you to flip on or off player 1 and use the built-in pad or an external, and if you want to use the whole thing like a console as it was originally intended, no problem! This unit contains a relocated Snes/n64 A/V out port, that's video, stereo audio, and s-video out!

Inside you'll find a 4000 mAh battery, memory card slot, expansion slot for N64 jumper pak / expansion pak, and a digital audio amp with headphone jack. So you'll have the option, there's an external power port to plug in for infinite time as well as a separate charger port for the battery inside. The whole thing has been encased in some pretty thick plexiglass so you'll be save if it takes a tumble, and yes, yes indeed, you can custom order one of these monsters from Slipstream himself if you like!

PLUS there are two different models, one looking like the original Gameboy (as you see above) and another that looks more like the Gameboy Advance – flip up madness! Have a look at the full gallery below and contact Slipstream for your dream to come true!

Thanks for the tip, Yosh!