Nintendo 3DS XL sells nearly 200k units in 24hrs tips report

Nintendo was counting on the 3DS XL to turn around its ailing fortunes and it looks like the oversized glasses-free 3D console may well do that. The Japanese company is yet to confirm actual sales following the domestic launch, but Enterbrain estimates indicate sales of the 3DS XL beat some of Nintendo's previous portables in the first few days of availability, Famitsu reports.

According to Enterbrain research, Nintendo sold 193,441 units on July 28 and July 29 2012. Software sales were similarly brisk, it's believed, with New Super Mario Bros. 2, also released at the same point, hitting 430,185 copies in the first two days.

In contrast, Nintendo sold 170,000 units of the DSi in the same length of time back when that console launched in Japan. Original Nintendo 3DS sales were more brisk, however, with the company apparently getting through 400,000 units in the first 24hrs of availability.

That interest quickly waned, though, with Nintendo forced to slash the price of the 3DS in order to make it a compelling proposition for gamers, developers and retailers. The company claims it does not make a loss on each 3DS XL, unlike the 3DS, however.