Nintendo 3DS Mii Studio, Super Street Fighter IV 3D & more get video demos

More details on the Nintendo 3DS are filtering out after the company's 2010 conference, and while the headline is obviously the confirmed Japanese price and release date there are also some tidbits about functionality.  An official demo video shows the integrated Mii Studio app and how it can use the 3DS' external cameras to take a snapshot of you – or your grinning father – and then create a Mii from that photo.Video demos after the cut

Meanwhile other confirmed functionality includes the auto-exchanging of information whenever two 3DS units are nearby each other.  When the 3DS is in tag mode, it will automatically work out when the two gamers first met, the total number of times it has happened since then, and what game was played on the last occasion.  Of course there's also the active WiFi during the 3DS' sleep mode, which is used to download rankings and free software.

Finally, Nintendo also showed off some gaming demos (grabbed by Nintendo3DSBlog) including Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Mario Kart and Paper Mario, along with some of the Resident Evil titles and more.  You can see them below.

Nintendo 3DS concept video:

Super Street Fighter IV 3D for 3DS demo:

Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart and Paper Mario demos: