Nintendo 3DS Launching in October

Right now, you should chalk this one up for what it is: an unconfirmed rumor. But, if UK industry sources are to be believed, then it looks like the newest mobile gaming console from Nintendo, the 3DS, will actually see store shelves months before originally believed. Although, we're still positive that it's going to launch in Japan first, so that means it could be some time next year before it sees shelves elsewhere.

Also, we're still expecting to hear more about Nintendo's 3DS come this June, during E3. Until this moment, it was believed that some time in March, 2011 would peg the release of the 3DS in the United States. However, according to some executives that can't be named, it looks like Nintendo is aiming for an October release. That would be a good move on Nintendo's part, as it would put them in a three month advance to Christmas.

That is a full five months before the originally expected launch, and we've got to say that we're a bit surprised. Not only is Nintendo expected to announce the 3DS in June at E3, but Microsoft is also scheduled to showcase their Project Natal, which is also launching this holiday season. So, will Nintendo's glass-less mobile gaming console beat out Microsoft's own motion-controlled gaming hardware? We'll have to wait and see.

[via CVG]