New Nintendo 3DSi details land in Japan

Yesterday the big news was that Nintendo announced a new 3D portable console called the 3DS or 3DSi. Today more new details have emerged about the console over in Japan and we are even more excited that we were yesterday, and yesterday Chris wet his pants in excitement.

The new deets on the machine come from Nikkei and make the 3D console sound even more interesting. Nikkei reports that the device will be the first of its kind. The thing will only be sold in Japan at first and that is pegged to happen later this year.

Nintendo is said to be considering giving the 3DSi a joystick with force feedback and an accelerometer. Nintendo patented some 3D tech last year that is expected to make it into the console. The new 3D device will also have faster wireless connectivity and longer battery life claims Nikkei. The screen is said to be no larger than the XL's 4.2-inches. The thing is still pegged to first surface at E3 and hit the US in the March 2011 time frame.