Microsoft Project Natal Found in the Wild Again

Yes, these images do show that the Project Natal unit is, indeed, somewhere outside of a Microsoft bunker. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that this is the final, final product model. Indeed, this could be a prototype, again. But, nevertheless, it isn't in a Microsoft bunker, and these images are apparently coming from someone who was sent a model to test. In Italy. Lucky them.

According to the report, the individual in question was sent the Project Natal unit to test the equipment's voice recognition. There's no word on how that's going, because we're all too busy looking at the images. As you can see for yourself, we get to see what looks like a Project Natal main unit, and then some paperwork consisting of the Quick Start Guide, and an instruction manual. Good stuff to stare at, if you ask us.

What's noteworthy, is that there is apparently a motorized tilt mechanism, one of which that users aren't supposed to mess with, because they might break it. Interesting. Also, something we're not all that surprised about, it seems that Project Natal will need to be plugged into the wall for power. The best part might be the speech recognition, though, as there are commands, apparently, for things like "Turn on the Xbox 360" and "Go to Facebook." There's not much else to go on here, so just go ahead and take a gander at the images. That's what we're doing. At least until June 13th, when we'll finally get some more official action shots.

[via Destructoid]