Nintendo 3DS Easter egg lets gamers play Breakout

A somewhat obscure Easter egg has been discovered in the new Nintendo 3DS. Apparently first spotted by Vine user "ギロ@スマブる", the Easter egg allows owners to turn their recent browser history into pixelated blocks in a rehashed Breakout game where they destroy it bounce by bounce. This only works for the latest version of the Nintendo 3DS, however, so those with the previous version won't be able to replicate it.

The Easter egg is simple to pull up, and was likely discovered by someone casually tapping out a little tune on their device's display. Simply pull up the device's New Page browser window and then tap out the first bar of the Mario theme (five taps total).

Select one of the URLs on the screen and it will be turned into a colorful array of blocks, which the gamer destroys the same way as one would playing Breakout. Of course, those in the US and Europe will have to wait a bit longer before they can try it out, as the new 3DS hasn't yet arrived in the regions.

Some other notable Easter eggs have surfaced this year, including the Flappy Bird clone found in Android Lollipop, the ability to rearrange logo letters in Google for iOS, and a Halo 3 secret that took seven long years to find. Check out the timeline below for even more!

VIA: The Verge