Android Lollipop’s Easter egg is a Flappy Bird spoof

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 17, 2014, 7:08pm CDT
Android Lollipop’s Easter egg is a Flappy Bird spoof

Flappy Bird: you’ve likely heard of it, and maybe have even been addicted to it. The game’s immense popularity not only caused the developer to temporarily pull it from the app stores, but also spawned hundreds of clones from slapdash developers looking to make a quick buck. For this reason, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t recognize the game — or a derivative of it — upon first look, and that is perhaps why Google chose to use it as the foundation for an Easter egg hidden in Android Lollipop.

In the event you’re not familiar, Flappy Bird is a simple (infuriating, impossible) game: you tap the screen to keep a bird afloat as gravity constantly pulls it to the earth — and you have to navigate it between vertical pipes. If you touch one of the pipes, the bird falls to the ground and you’re out of luck.

That is the same premise behind a game nestled in Android Lollipop, which you can discover by doing some tapping through menus followed by a long press. Rather than navigating a pixelated bird through vertical tunnels, however, you’re navigating the Android mascot through the air between delicious swirled lollipops.

It is fairly sophisticated, including night and day backgrounds, different colored lollipops, and a ticker that keeps count of your score — all exactly like Flappy Bird. The only difference is the lack of pixels. How to do you access the game? Go into Settings > About Phone > rapid tap on “Android version 5.0” and then long-press the color-changing lollipops.

SOURCE: Droid Life

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