New Nintendo 3DS Limits Detailed: WiFi Backup PC-Only, No SDXC

Nintendo has further detailed the changes in its new 3DS and 3DS XL, including how existing 3DS owners can upgrade to the improved consoles, along with some of the limitations of the new features. Current 3DS/3DS XL save data can be transferred across, though since the new version uses microSD not SD, Nintendo says the process could end up a little convoluted. Meanwhile, there's also the chance that some of the games you have may not work with the new models.

One data transfer option is to use a PC as an intermediary stage, copying the data from the SD straight over to microSD. That way, you can preserve WiFi credentials, Mii data and friends lists, downloaded software and saved game data, and eShop balance, among other things.

As for the microSD compatibility, Nintendo says it has tested 16GB and 32GB cards from SanDisk, but that other brands may well work too; there won't be a requirement to use a special, Nintendo-branded card. However, microSDXC won't be supported.

Nintendo's other suggestion is to use the wireless transfer system. Unfortunately for Mac users, the new WiFi backup of memory card data is limited to Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 PCs. It'll be a full backup each time, too, with no provision for selecting only a portion of the game save data to transfer.

It's worth noting that, while you can copy 3DS/3DS XL data to the new handheld, you can't transfer it in the opposite direction.

Other changes include the dropping of the physical WiFi switch – replaced with an option on the homescreen – and age restriction on the browser that's enabled by default. You'll need to provide a credit card in order to switch off the content lock.

Most concerning, however, is the prospect of 3DS/DSi content not necessarily being compatible on the new 3DS. According to Nintendo, that's because of a change in the position of the game card slot.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has also said that it's possible that some games developed for the new 3DS won't be backward-compatible with the original versions, due to the internal hardware differences.

SOURCE Nintendo Japan

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