Nikon DSLR plans tipped: entry-level D4000 & mid/high tier cameras on way?

Nikon's DSLR intentions have sprung a leak, according to Nikon Rumors, with the company tipped to be preparing three new models for imminent launch.  Details on the cameras are patchy, though there's talk of a new entry-level replacement for the D3000 expected to be dubbed the D4000.  However one model stands out as potentially the beginning of a new range for Nikon, packing 39 autofocus points and a 16-megapixel sensor.

Other specs apparently include 6400 ISO support and HI2, the ability to record 1080p 24fps HD video and compatibility with a new, optional MD-B11 grip.  It's the autofocus points that has Nikon enthusiasts speculating, however, since it falls in-between Nikon's Pro DSLR range (which currently packs 51 AF points) and the Nikon D90 (with 11 AF points).

That could mean a higher-spec'd replacement for the D90, a new range slotting in-between it and the Pro range, or a D700 replacement that trades AF for native video capture and extra megapixels.  As for the third model, that's completely mysterious and so far no specs have leaked.