Nikon D800 takes on Canon 5D Mark III for video quality

In the war to create the greatest handheld camera of the day, both Nikon and Canon have come out swinging with video-ready units under the names Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III. What we'd like to know is if the difference between video qualities on these units is one to be concerned about, and/or if it'll be a deciding factor in choosing one or the other to purchase brand new from the camera shop. Gizmodo's Michael Hession took the opportunity to film several scenes using both cameras with the same settings this week, and his results basically seem to bring the discussion to a head.

What we've got here are several categories in which both cameras have their strengths and their weaknesses. In Detail and Sharpness, it's the Nikon D800 that wins out – no contest. For Low Light, it's the Canon 5D Mark III who has the best quality result, with "less noise, more even colors", and and overall obviously better result. For light situations working with intricate patterns, the moire pattern effect seems to have been fixed up quite a bit for the 5D Mark III while the D800 still spins dizzying circles.

Both devices have undeniably great video capturing abilities. The D800 is clearly meant for more studio controlled conditions while the Canon is made for a more versatile range of environments. The Nikon is best for ultra-powerful detail, while the Canon is meant to allow you to take perfectly nice photos anywhere you like. Sound like a fair assessment to you?

[via Gizmodo]