Nikon Coolpix S800 tipped as company's first Android-based camera

Several camera manufacturers have expressed their intention to make "smart" cameras, accessing social networking and sharing functions via embedded wireless chips. It looks like Nikon will be the first company to use Android on one of its cameras, however, with a filing at the Indonesian Communication Agency revealing the Coolpix S800 model number. Nikon Rumors believes the camera will run Android 2.3 and be compatible with just about all the apps found on the Play Store.

The Coolpix S800 will reportedly come with a 25-250mm lens, along with built-in GPS and WiFi. The camera is said to have a 3.5-inch OLED screen, with everything running on Android 2.3. That's an interesting choice for Nikon, but it ultimately makes sense. If they can tie the camera software to Android correctly, users will be able to tap straight into apps like Instagram and Facebook so that they can share their pictures with relative ease.

Other specs and details for the camera aren't known, but the release date is said to be August 22nd. It opens up other questions about Nikon's lineup too: will they extend Android to other cameras or even DSLRs in the future?

Nikon isn't the only company interested in smart cameras, however. Back in March, Panasonic stated that it was looking into the possibility of using Android on its cameras, but that keeping a firm grasp on the system was a concern, as were potential warranty issues with opening up such cameras to a wide range of apps. Samsung also expressed interest in using Android for its cameras, and while the company didn't confirm that it was moving ahead with any Android-based camera products, it did file a "Galaxy Camera" trademark back in February.

[via GSMDome]