Nike+ FuelBand provides all-day exercise info

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Apple wasn't the only company with a New York City announcement today: Nike stopped off in the Big apple to announce the Nike+ Fuel Band, with help from minor sports icons like Lance Armstrong, Kevin Durant and Carmelita Jeter. The FuelBand takes the Nike+ data collection engine and expands it to a full day's worth of activities, then combines it with a basic LED wristband for data reporting and interaction. Like previous versions of Nike+, the FuelBand can sync with an iPhone over Bluetooth or report straight back to your desktop computer via USB.

The concept is simple: you sert a daily goal of physical activity, which the FuelBand keeps track of via a built-in accelerometer. At the start of the day the color display is fully read, shifting to fully green as the user reaches his or her goal. You can measure progress in time, calories burned, steps, or the proprietary NikeFuel, a social metric that gives you more "points" for more strenuous activity. Sync the FuelBand with the iPhone app or the Nike+ website, and you get detailed goal tracking and motivation.

Check out the video below for some hyperbolic explanation:

The FuelBand retails for $150, notably 50% more expensive than the similar FitBit device. (But then, FitBit doesn't have that nifty swoosh logo.) Nike hasn't said when it plans to begin selling the FuelBand, but pre-orders on the official website begin at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. What say you, readers – will Nike's newest take on the fitness assistant inspire you to reach your resolutions?