Nexus S Ninja unboxing concentrates on mayhem

With the Google Nexus S hitting Best Buy stores this morning, YouTube will soon be flooded with unboxing videos as gleeful owners get a first taste of Gingerbread. It's entirely possible that none of them will feature desktop ninjas in a completely interactive YouTube page, however, so if that's what you're looking for then you'll have to head over to

It's a mighty impressive piece of Flash animation, and the best thing is that all of the different parts – the comments box, the like/dislike buttons, the various links – are all still functional. After the main animation has finished, don't forget to scroll down and pick up the nunchuck near the bottom of the page, too; we spend several gleeful minutes hurling it at the various comments. If only we could do that with regular YouTube comments, the video sharing world would be a whole lot more satisfying.

[via Android Community]