Nexus 9 incoming: Nexus 5, 7, 10 leave Play store

This morning it's become clear that Google means to move some inventory in a very short time. As they've done in the past immediately preceding the release of a new product, they've taken out the Buy button from several of their main products – Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 – to make way for the next wave. What that'll mean for you is a new Nexus 9, at least, and perhaps a new Nexus 6 to go along with it. The release of these devices to the play store will likely occur this afternoon.

In the past we've seen releases around 2PM PST. This does not mean that the products will necessarily hit at this time, but that Google will release information about whatever system they'll have in place. In this case, that may very well mean the full release of Android L, aka Android 5.0. Have a peek at the following teaser placed by Google yesterday.

You'll also want to catch up on Android 2.0. That's not Donut or Eclair – that's the second wave of Google's push for Android in the public. Notice your brand new Android device suggesting that it is, indeed Android when it boots up. Powered by Android began in around March of this year – and it's part of Google's next big initiative.

Too legit to this is how we do it party. Have a peek at the timeline below to follow along with what Google will be releasing for hardware now that Android 5.0 "L" is coming sooner than later. That's a 6-inch display on a Nexus 6, an 8.9-inch display on a Nexus 9 with NVIDIA Tegra K1 under the hood, and it's the next integrated push for Android across all devices. Make with the release!