Google to announce Nexus 9 tomorrow, launch in November

Nate Swanner - Oct 14, 2014, 12:29 pm CDT
Google to announce Nexus 9 tomorrow, launch in November

Hey, how about that Nexus 9, huh? Sounds exciting, right? A Nexus tablet, 8.9-inch screen, and running the latest and greatest version of Android. Codenamed Volantis (which might just be some Game of Thrones stuff for you!), the Nexus 9 is set for release very soon. If the latest report from Forbes is to be believed, we’ll see that big, bad Nexus tablet tomorrow, maybe even alongside the Nexus 6. If a 6-inch phone and/or 9-inch tablet don’t excite you, you might want to rush to the Play Store now before existing products disappear.

Speaking to a source “close to Google”, Forbes is confidently confirming we’ll see a blog post tomorrow (that’s speculation on my part, based on the Nexus 5 launch) announcing Android L and the Nexus 9. The device is also said to be the first running Android L, which makes us wonder just what we’ll really get tomorrow.

If the Nexus 9 is the first device to see Android L, are we getting the Nexus 6 later on? The report focusses on the Nexus 9. The Nexus 6 could arrive later in the month, but we’d rather just have it all at once.

In addition to being announced tomorrow, Forbes says the Nexus 9 will go on sale November 3. Made by HTC, it’ll have some very HTC-esque features, like front-facing speakers and Boomsound. We may also get an “Origami” stand case, which is something we like about the Kindle Fire tablets — and something we’d love to see for the Nexus 9.

We’ve hit on the rumored specs before, and this report tells us nothing new on that front. The Nexus 9 doesn’t come cheap, though. A 16GB version may run you $399, while a 32GB version should hit the $499 price point.

Seems as though Google believes they can take on the iPad mini head-on. We’ll see if that strategy works out, as the iPad refresh may come a day later.

Source: Forbes

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