Google is pushing for Powered by Android branding on OEMs

Tech geeks know what operating system the smartphone you are buying runs. Most of us just know if you are buying a smartphone from Samsung or HTC, it will be running Android 99% of the time. The general masses often have no clue what operating system their smartphone uses.

Google is now pushing manufacturers to include a little verbiage that says Powered by Android on all new devices. That will certainly help those that don't know much about what they are buying get a clue on what operating system their device runs.

The first indications of this new branding turned up with HTC and Samsung. Each time the smartphones are booted up, Powered by Android can be seen. The slogan is to be visible on the boot screen of all devices moving forward. That should mean all tablets and smartphones.

In the case of Samsung and HTC, new devices such as the HTC One (M8) and Galaxy S5 are also using the same boot animation that was used by the HTC G1 back in the day. It's not clear, if that animation is required, or if both firms just happened to choose the same animation. Odds are that animation is part of the Google mandate as well, but that is unconfirmed.