Nexus 6 camera shown off in gallery of HDR+ photos

Google cares about your photographs — at least, about the quality of your photographs. Anyone who has their images shuttled off to Google+ is aware of the Auto Awesome feature, and many Android users have enjoyed the HDR functionality in Google Camera. For Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 users in particular, Google has taken things a step further, offering them an "HDR+" feature that produces notably improved image quality when compared to a non-HDR photo. Google took to its Research Blog recently to discuss this feature, detailing what its latest and greatest in particular has to offer.

Nexus 5 users are no doubt familiar with the HDR+ feature, and now that the Nexus 6 has been announced (and will likewise offer the functionality), Google has rolled a new gallery full of HDR+'d photos shot with the latest Nexus handset, showing off what the newest model can do.

There are some notable improvements in quality over HDR+ images shot with the Nexus 5 (check out a gallery for comparison in our Nexus 5 review), with low-light photos in particular showing less noise and more details.

HDR+ works by snapping multiple images quickly at different exposure levels, combining them into a single image that better exposes areas of extreme brightness or darkness. While this process can be achieved by manually taking multiple images at different exposure levels and processing them into a single image, HDR+ offers two big advantages: it is automatic and near instant.

SOURCE: Google Research Blog