Nextbit Robin phone comes to Amazon, save $100 during first week

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The Nextbit Robin, the Android-powered smartphone with a focus on storing unnecessary content in the cloud instead of locally, has landed on Amazon, giving those who missed the successful $1.36 million Kickstarter a chance to pick one up. And there's a great incentive to buy it on Amazon too: it's available for $100 off the regular asking price, but only from today, May 4th, through May 10th.

A price of $299 makes the Robin not only cheaper than Nextbit's own online store, but it matches what early Kickstarter backers were able to pay in order get one in 2015. Amazon's listing is for the unlocked, GSM-compatible phone, with a color choice of either Mint or Midnight.

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The Robin features a slew of new ideas when it comes to smartphone storage, with the device's 32GB of internal storage paired with 100GB of cloud storage on Nextbit's servers. The phone then automatically backs up content like photos and unused apps to the cloud, saving local storage and eliminating the need for an SD card.

Last September, a CDMA version of the Robin was announced for Verizon customers, but that model was cancelled earlier this year after Nextbit said it was causing costs to spiral.

The Robin is the first phone from Nextbit, but the company was founded by veterans of Google and HTC, including developers from the original Android team, such as Tom Moss.

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