Next iPhone to feature nano-SIM, Verizon hints at Q4 debut

Earlier this week it was reported that European carriers were stockpiling new nano-SIM cards after the standard had been approved by the ETSI. Speculation followed that Apple was preparing nano-SIM usage for the next iPhone, with one source even claiming that Apple had already designed the next iPhone around its own unapproved nano-SIM standard. Now BGR claims to have heard from carrier sources confirming that the next iPhone will indeed utilize nano-SIMs.

BGR claims to have heard from multiple carriers sources saying that "Apple is supplying nano-SIM adapters" so that the companies can test the compatibility on their networks. That will give the carriers a chance to make sure everything works smoothlys before a full scale deployment with the release of the next iPhone. AT&T is said to be one of the carriers testing testing the new nano-SIMs.

The CFO of Verizon, Fran Shammo, also dropped a hint during today's earnings conference call that the next iPhone may make an appearance sometime in the fourth quarter. That falls in line with past reports that indicate the next iPhone would make a debut in September or October, mirroring the introduction of the iPhone 4S and sticking to Apple's one year cycle between new handsets.