Next-gen iPod touch and nano features confirmed by multiple cases

Further evidence of the upcoming iPod touch and iPod nano camera refresh is spilling uncontrollably out of China, with multiple different cases being hawked with the new PMPs dimensions and capabilities.  Cult of Mac have been collating the various silicon and hard-plastic cases and sleeves, each of which show a centrally-positioned camera for the iPod touch 3G and a lower left-hand camera for the iPod nano 5G.

The iPod nano 5G also has a larger display, again conforming to earlier rumors, seemingly changing from the 1.33:1 aspect ratio of the current model to a 1.5:1 panel.  This will allow for better framing of shots; the click wheel also gets smaller, and moves further down the body of the PMP.

The Chinese manufacturers of the cases are claiming to have "double-checked" the dimensions – which they say they first received in May this year – and to be already preparing factory molds so as to be prepared for mass production.  Apple are expected to announce the new iPods at an event in September, though it's unclear whether the iPod nano 5G will be able to record video as is expected of the iPod touch 3G.

[Thanks Bobby!]