New Star Wars: TFA movie footage explores Maz's Castle in brief

With a bit of support from the new "The Star Wars Show" and to give a boost to the "Jabba Flow" music track, Lucasfilm has released additional The Force Awakens footage. This is a clip that's basically pickups – or B-roll. Extra footage. Stuff they might have used to show more diversity in aliens in Maz Kanata's castle if the need would have arisen. As it is now, it's just a bit of extra video that's not available on the DVD. More, I tell you, more!

Unlike the original trilogy, this new generation of Star Wars films does not appear to be holding back on the extra content. When Star Wars: A New Hope was first released (originally just called Star Wars in theaters), a whole lot of footage was filmed, then basically tossed aside.

Who would want pieces of film that didn't get released in the final cut?

Surely no filmgoer would have any interest in that.

We're not in that world anymore.

Now we've got superfans like yourself and me, people who are ravenous for any and all Star Wars content – from the films, at least.

If you're wondering – where are we, here? Who is Maz? – we've got you covered. Have a peek at our feature Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Who is Maz Kanata?

If you'd like to watch the first full episode of The Star Wars Show, we've got that too! Have a peek below.

This show will (apparently) be being released regularly. Lots of Star Wars action straight from the source. We'll be pulling the show apart every time it's posted, too, of that you can be sure.