New Safari features include Unified Search, iCloud Tabs and Tab View

Apple's now starting in on their browser we all know plenty about, and that is Safari. Announcing a new Safari with tons of improvements from performance, to the cloud and more. Claiming Safari has the fastest JavaScript beating IE9, Chrome 19 and Firefox 13. Unified search and the new Tab View will surely make users happy. More details below.

First we'll start with iCloud Tabs – it syncs your tabs across devices. Press the button and you can see what tabs are open on your iPad with ease. This will sync across all iOS devices. Then we have unified search just like iOS devices all inside the search bar on Safari, sort of like Google Chrome.

Then the next new feature we are excited to see and have is Tab View. Being able to access tabs across multiple devices is a good trick, and we've seen similar actions with Chrome and Android. Now users will be able to see, sync, and follow tabs across multiple devices all wirelessly — including bookmarks and history. Work all day on your MacBook and then suddenly have to run? Sync with Tab View to your iPad or iPhone and continue right where you left off.

Again make sure to follow along at our liveblog for all the details as they come in, or hit our Apple Hub for all the latest coverage.