New Pokemon GO bug may transform the Pokemon you catch

Pokemon GO veterans may not want to stop catching those useless Weedles and Caterpies just yet, as a new bug that apparently changes Pokemon after they've been caught has surfaced. Unlike the three-step bug, which was just infuriating, this one actually has the potential to be awesome, but then again it could also end up disappointing a lot of players who manage to track down an ultra-rare Pokemon only to have it change into something different after the fact.

The bug has been detailed at length over on the Pokemon GO subreddit, where users are recounting tales of Pokemon changing after being caught. One user posted a video of the glitch occurring on iOS, catching a Poliwag only to find out he had actually caught a Rattata, while other users are reporting that the bug is present on Android as well. In other words, this is one that could potentially trouble all players regardless of platform.

This could be a visual glitch, as players are reporting the Pokemon's Combat Power is staying the same after it changes. So no, it seems you can't catch a 10CP Caterpie and hope it turns into a 1000CP Lapras, as wonderful as that would be. However, if you happen to encounter something like a Weedle or Pidgey with absurdly high Combat Power, it would be in your best interest to catch it, because it's likely another Pokemon entirely.

This is just the latest entry on a long list of problems with Pokemon GO, from servers that have frequent stability problems to tracking bugs that led to the removal of that feature entirely. Earlier today, Niantic released a long-awaited statement on the status of the tracking bug, but it unfortunately didn't divulge any details on when we can expect the feature to return to the game. It looks like the developer has more on its plate now, but let's just hope this bug doesn't prove to be as tough to solve as the tracking problem.

SOURCE: Reddit