New Mewtwo revealed for Pokemon X and Y

Brian Sin - Apr 7, 2013
New Mewtwo revealed for Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y promise a lot of new changes coming to the Pokemon handheld series, but one of these new changes will bring a wave of nostalgia from the classic days of Pokemon. Nintendo and Game Freak have released a trailer and teasers for a new version of Mewtwo, name still pending (though some are dubbing it Newtwo and Mewthree). In the trailer, you see the new Mewtwo unleashing a barrage of various elemental skills onto its enemies.

The new version of Mewtwo was revealed on Pokemon Smash, a Japanese TV show, and is said to share many similar traits with Mewtwo. Unfortunately, the TV show didn’t expand on anything else about the new Pokemon, like how it was created, if it will be more darker than Mewtwo, and how players will be able to catch it. Nonetheless, this new variation of Mewtwo has many players excited and eager to play the games when they come out.

Pokemon X and Y have an anticipated October 2013 release date for the Nintendo 3DS. They completely revamp the Pokemon hand-held series by transforming the Pokemon universe into a 3D world. Of course, with each generation of Pokemon games comes another generation of new Pokemon. The three new starter Pokemon include Froakie (water-type), Chespin (grass-type), and Fennekin (fire-type). There will also be two new legendary pokemon. Xerneas, the blue legendary Pokemon, will represent Pokemon X, and Yveltal, the red legendary Pokemon, will represent Pokemon Y.

The games will launch worldwide at the same time, so that players from all around the globe can play and battle each other from the getgo. This way “Pokemon fans across the globe can discover the secrets of Pokemon games and can collect, battle, and trade with each other immediately,” says Pokemon Company’s CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara. The game is set to release in 6 months, so we can expect even more Pokemon to be teased in the future.

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