New MacBook Pro notebooks tipped by OS X config file

Apple may have told us that the new MacBook, Mac mini and iMac updates finalize their holiday 2009 line-up, but that doesn't mean they're not thinking ahead.  Digging through the configuration files in the 10.6.2 update of OS X 10C531, Spanish site have spotted two references to new MacBook Pro notebooks, and believe that they might bring with them quadcore processors and ATI Radeon 4500-series graphics.

The two entries are for "MacBookPro6_1.plist" and "MacBookPro6_2.plist", and stand out because it's the first time the 6-range has been broken into by the MacBook Pro line.  Existing MBPs currently span 5.1 through to 5.5.

If true, the new MacBook Pros would mark Apple's shift from NVIDIA GeForce graphics chipsets to arch-rival ATI's products, as tipped back in July.  Then, it's was suggested by internal sources that Apple had frozen out NVIDIA's GPUs from their mobile line for "three to four years", frustrated by the overheating graphics issue that affected a previous generation of graphics chipsets together with the company's "arrogance" in negotiations.

[via Apple Insider]