Apple freeze out NVIDIA for 3-4yrs over GeForce failures

Fall-out from the NVIDIA overheating graphics debacle has reportedly reached a peak, with Apple telling the company that they will not be using their products "for three to four years".  Discussions between the two companies were said to have become significantly heated, after NVIDIA executives were deemed arrogant in their negotiations for graphics chipsets in Apple's upcoming Nehalem notebooks and iMacs.

The situation began when certain integrated chipsets in NVIDIA's graphics range showed signs of overheating.  The company reportedly informed Apple that their GeForce 8600M GT notebooks were unaffected – unlike machines from Dell and HP – only for MacBook users to discover that they too had faulty components.

As a result, Apple has extended the warranty for the affected machines, and even refunded out-of-pocket repair costs for those who had their MacBooks fixed prior to the company officially recognizing the issue.  According to SemiAccurate, Apple's words to NVIDIA in these recent negotiations "tended to be a bit harsh."