New Kindle shows up at FCC, Amazon acquires 'Firedock' trademark

Last week, we caught word that a new Kindle Fire had apparently cleared the FCC. Today The Digital Reader has uncovered another Kindle device that has passed through the FCC, but whereas the device from last week appeared the be the next iteration of the Kindle Fire, this one seems to have more in common with the regular Kindle. Is Amazon planning to launch a new version of the Kindle Fire alongside a new version of the basic Kindle? It sure does seem that way.

This new Kindle device has been dubbed EY21, and it appears to come with both Wi-Fi and 3G functionality. Sadly, it looks like it doesn't come equipped with a front light like so many Kindle owners have been hoping for, so we may end up missing out on that particular feature this time around. Though a lot of the details are being kept under wraps, it seems pretty safe to assume that this is a new e-ink reader in the vein of the Kindle.

Like the tablet that surfaced last week, this device was submitted to the FCC through a front company. The company this time around is named Hannaford LLC, and The Digital Reader has discovered that the address for this LLC belongs to Corporation Service Company, which is another front company Amazon uses. The same thing happened last week, only then the front company was called Harpers LLC. Like the address for Hannaford, the address for Harpers led back to CSC, so it seems pretty likely that Amazon is behind both of these FCC filings.

Another interesting thing to note is that Amazon now owns the trademark for "Firedock," which was the name of an upcoming Kindle Fire speaker dock from Grace Digital Audio. It appears that Amazon wants this term for itself, and while it's unclear what Amazon will stick with the Firedock branding, it's possible that the company will be revealing a Kindle Fire dock of its own soon, perhaps along with a new Kindle Fire and Kindle. With Barnes and Noble announcing that the Nook will soon be arriving in the UK, it looks like Amazon is gearing up to make the the war of the eReaders a little more interesting. Stay tuned.

Thanks Nate!