Amazon's next Kindle Fire may have just hit the FCC

We've heard word in the past that Amazon is working on a sequel to the Kindle Fire, with the company reportedly aiming at a larger form factor compared to the current 7-inch screen. The Digital Reader has done some detective work and come across what may be an FCC filing of Amazon's next tablet, believing that the online internet retailer may have used a front company to file the documents in order to sneak the tablet under the radar.

The filings were issued by a company called Harpers LLC, with The Digital Reader tracing the company back to an address rented by CSC Entity Services. The listed name on the paperwork, Stephen Facciolo, is apparently the President of Harpers, who just so happens to also work for CSC. Meanwhile, his name appears on LinkedIn for CSC, with the website concluding that CSC is the first front company that Amazon employed to set up the second front company.

The Digital Reader stipulates that this isn't the first time that Amazon has gone about its FCC filings in such a roundabout way. Amazon reportedly used three front companies for its Kindle Fire submission to the FCC the day before the official announcement back in September 2011. While The Digital Reader may have cracked the code, the actual FCC filing leaves much to the imagination, with little to no details surrounding Amazon's next Kindle Fire iteration.

Having said that, the aspect ratio of the device indicates that Amazon is moving to a 4:3 form factor instead of 16:9 ratio that many Android OEMs use. Why the company has chosen to do so remains to be seen, but given that the one-year anniversary of the Kindle Fire is rapidly approaching, we may soon find out exactly what Amazon has up its sleeve.

[Thanks, Nate.]