Nook heads to UK to convert e-reading nation

It's time for Barnes and Noble to make an effort to cross the sea as their Nook lineup is ready and willing to spread across the entirety of the UK this summer. The company has been working with a variety of UK retailers and has struck a collection of deals to stock several models of the Nook e-reader tablet lineup this Fall. Starting in mid-October the Nook Simple Touch as well as the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight will be popping up both online and in physical shops across the nation.

This move will have the UK being the first location outside of the USA where Nook e-reader devices have been sold. With Barnes & Noble making it clear that their last financial year brought in $933 million for the Nook lineup alone, it's no wonder they're expanding out beyond the shores of the United States. The Amazon Kindle lineup is already sold throughout the UK, and this book retailer is gnawing at the bit at a chance to join in on the fun.

Be sure to check out our Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight review to see what you'll be grabbing very soon!

The Nook Simple Touch as it exists today is a tablet device with a 6-inch display working with e-ink technology for easy reading both indoors and out. This device is currently out only in the USA and also has 2GB of flash memory, build-in wi-fi connectivity, and 2GB of RAM. You also get a microSD card slot for memory expansion and easy movement of files to and from other devices.

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We're expecting this device to be released in essentially the same price range as the original and will be working with as well for digital content. You'll be able to both download new reading material from the web and load 3rd party content with the microSD card slot once this device heads your way soon!