New iPhone 7 release date tips massive cancellation

This week the folks behind one of the strangest annual leaks have tipped the public off to an interesting turn of events at Apple. Of course we won't know the full details of how Apple's final release will take place until that fateful day arrives, but we've now got the best idea thus far of when this device will launch in the United States. The latest comes from celebrity voice Jimmy Lin – a dude who seems to have had accurate leaks for the past several generations (barring the most recent).

This seems to be the first time we've seen an iPhone 7 Plus in working order – though we cannot see the display from here. Precedent suggests that Lin may have a shell of a phone – perhaps just a model used to create cases by accessory manufacturers. According to


quoting their local paper Phoenix, this is a fully working model.

The appearance of this model coincides with a recent report on


which suggests that Apple had considered releasing three iPhone models at once, but more recently changed their minds. That likely has to do with availability of supply, as



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It could very well be that Apple created two different versions of the iPhone 7 Plus and that case-makers leaking images of mockups decided to mark the slightly more impressive version with the name "Pro." As it stands now, it would seem that iPhone 7 Plus is a name that's far more likely.

It would seem that this iPhone 7 Plus would go without the "Smart Connector" present on the iPad Pro. It's also reported that this larger iPhone could originally have come with a 5.8-inch display, but now more likely sticks with a smaller 5.5-inch display. Much more reasonable, that is.

The next Apple event – where the iPhone 7 will likely appear for the first time – has been rumored to be taking place on September 6th, 2016. This would line up very close to previous years' iPhone launches. Release day for the devices shown would then likely be several days later – that Thursday or Friday.

The photo above (amongst previous leaks) shows the iPhone 7 Plus – so suggests the Phoenix – with a dual-lens design. Have a peek at the dual-lens design we've seen previously in the timeline below – more details included!