New iPad release will likely focus on price

In September of 2021 it's fairly likely Apple will reveal several iPad devices, each with their own set of key features. This isn't an altogether new strategy for Apple – iPad mini, iPad Air, and the base iPad are all in places right now where a new iteration needn't include much more than a spec boost. With the potential for students heading back to physical classrooms this year, Apple will also likely once again focus on enticing pricing for their most basic iPad model.

Apple is very good at making several hundred dollars seem downright inexpensive when it comes to their most basic iPad. They've made presentation after presentation with focus on how they're able to offer the latest version of their most standard iPad for a price that's lower than the rest of the iPad models in their store.

In September of the year 2020, Apple released their latest iteration of the base iPad for $329, with a reduced price of $299 for students and educational institutions. It's quite likely the new model will have better processing performance and better graphics processing courtesy of a new Apple-designed processing chip. It's also tipped by Mark Gurman at Bloomberg that this new iPad will have an ever-so-slightly modified hardware design.

The new iPad, the 9th generation iPad, is said to be coming with a thinner hardware design. It'll still very likely have a single front-facing camera, a physical home button, and a rectangular display panel. Keeping the same basic design allows Apple to maximize their profit margin while continuing to improve the iPad experience with software and processing performance.

It's also possible we'll see a new iPad Air 5 that'll headline the iPad event. That device is rumored to have an array of hardware color options and a bold design not unlike its immediate predecessor.

The iPad mini 6 is also rumored to appear, complete with a larger display and an overall size that matches its predecessor. It's suggested that the new iPad mini will have a larger display in the same size body courtesy of a removal of the physical home button and narrower bezels.

We're expecting Apple to hold an event for their new iPad lineup in September of 2021. Think something like the September event in 2020, but with another iPad in the mix. If we had to take a stab at the most likely date for the reveal of the new iPad lineup, it'd be September 14th or September 21st, 2021.