New iPad first tablet with Bluetooth Smart 4.0

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group rebranded Bluetooth 4.0 as Bluetooth Smart back in October, promoting various gadgets that included the technology, such as Apple's Mac Mini and MacBook Pro, as well as a smart watch from Casio and Motorola's DROID RAZR. The latest gadget to receive Bluetooth 4.0 is the 3rd generation iPad, which also makes it the first tablet to include Bluetooth 4.0.

It's important for a number of reasons: Bluetooth 4.0 has drastically reduced power consumption mode, suitable for devices such as watches and remotes. Range is also improved over older Bluetooth standards: theotrically devices could communicate with each other up to 200 feet.

Bluetooth 4.0 can already be found in various Apple devices, including the iPhone 4S, and now the new iPad. Potential uses could include streaming AirPlay over Bluetooth 4.0, which would allow Apple AirPlay devices to play nice when there isn't a WiFi network available. The increased range, combined with low latency, means it's feasible from a technical standpoint.

Even if you think a little smaller, the lower power consumption needs of Bluetooth 4.0 means that headsets or keyboards would require substantially less power, and thus recharges. Apple also provide the appropriate APIs needed to gain access to Bluetooth data for developers working on accessories.

More on the new iPad in our full hands-on.

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