New iPad Event Tipped For October 21st

This morning the next iPad has been tipped to be coming at an Apple Event that'll be taking place on the 21st of October. This places the event just one day away from last year's event which took place on the 22nd of October. Like clockwork, Apple is ready to bring on their next generation.

Word comes from The Daily Dot where they suggest they've got inside sources with dates and times galore. The next iPad Air and iPad mini are likely to be on display, while we'll go ahead and guess that the success of both will move Apple away from the larger models.

UPDATE: According to notoriously accurate source of such information, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, there will not be an event on that day. "Nope" he says.

The iPad Pro still isn't out of the question, especially since we've now seen Apple release an iPhone 6 Plus. While the iPad is generally accepted as an entertainment device for most, work may be the next big push for Apple.

Have a peek at our iPad tag portal for more information about Apple's future. Meanwhile we'll still be tapping in with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in our big review.