New HTC One details leak in Nordic e-stores: black, silver, gold

This week we're ramping up towards the launch of the New HTC One (aka the M8, successor to the original HTC One from 2013), set to be revealed on the 25th of March. This unveiling has been long anticipated – and at such a level, it would seem, that several Nordic stores have already begun to list the device for sale. At each of these stores we can glean a bit of information on the device's details in several different iterations, one black, one silver, and one "golden."

The HTC One from 2013 has been released in a variety of colors, including both the 24kt gold vs amber, as well as two blues, red, silver, and black. Now via Capishe we're seeing listings of just the basics – plus gold – for the outset of this next generation.

These listings are also showing a 32GB internal storage size option alone – we must also assume that the device will be offered in 16GB and 64GB internal storage space sizes as well – or at least 16. This device has been shown with an aesthetic that's not all that unlike the 2013 version of the HTC One, save some on-screen buttons rather than capacitive off-screen, and a couple of cameras around the back rather than just one.

One big oddity in the listings in several of these stores is a March 20th release date. While it's possible a pre-release, pre-order situation is in order, we're going to go ahead and guess that some misinformation was spread. Take this all with a healthy dose of salt, and we'd recommend not sending any cash to Lion Tech, Compliq, Euro-tec, Treg, or multitronic until the device is actually revealed.

Have a peek at the timeline below for more information on this launch and stick around as we head to New York City for the HTC event on the 25th!

Thanks for the tip, Joel!