New DS colors spotted: red, blue & green reach gamers

Chris Davies - May 27, 2008

Examples of Nintendo’s new color versions of the DS Lite handheld, which the company confirmed last week, have begun to show up in the wild.  Specifically, the red, blue and green versions have reached gamers’ hands, despite it being a few weeks before the official June 13th launch in Europe.  As the pictures suggested, the colors range from the vivid to the relatively demure.

Nintendo DS Lite new colors

Out of the three we see here, the red DS is the most appealing to my eyes; the green is a little too florescent and the blue too much edging on powder-blue for my liking.  Pricing for the handhelds is expected to be the same as for the existing black and white models.  If the images we’ve seen are correct, a grey and a pink DS should be coming too.

Nintendo DS Lite new colors

What we still don’t know is when gamers outside of Europe will be able to pick up the new versions.  Nintendo remains closed-lipped about a US launch.

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