Neuros offer cash incentives to open-source LINK coders

Open-source set-top box manufacturer Neuros have kicked off some "bounties" for their LINK media device, offering cash incentives for developers to code new functionality.  The first task, for which Neuros are offering a $2,500 reward, is to get the LINK connecting directly with Netflix (or $500 if done via a PC app intermediary) before they themselves or Boxee manage it; meanwhile the second task is to develop a Move Networks plug-in for the device, for which Neuros will pay $2,000.

In all there are seven initial bounties, each with some stipulations in terms of functionality expected, timescale (usually beating other companies or developers to push out the app) and compatibility.  However Neuros plan to post more, in the hope that the LINK achieves critical mass and removes the need for owners to also have Windows-based computers to sate their media needs.

The Neuros LINK is a media extender that delivers content through the free Neuros.TV online service.  Based on Ubuntu Linux, it can support up to 1080p and has six USB ports and a wireless keyboard with an integrated trackball.

[via Gear Diary]