Netflix UK launching this week tip sources

Netflix UK is set to launch this week, sources have suggested, with a high-profile advertising campaign kicking off to drum up excitement about the streaming media service. New deals alongside the adverts are set to begin this coming week, The Guardian's tipsters claim, though it's unclear when, exactly, the service itself will begin operating.

Netflix announced back in October 2011 that it would be launching a streaming service in the UK and Ireland in early 2012, though declined to specify exactly when that would be. It seems "early" means "very early in January indeed" however, at least for the UK market; Netflix has been busy signing deals with content providers in the intervening months, with MGM, the BBC and others already in the bag.

However, according to the sources, Netflix will imminently announce deals with Sony, Disney, Paramount, ITV and Channel 4, among others, accessing their digital media catalogs for its on-demand service. It's unclear if the UK launch in the next few days will be accompanied by a similar launch by Roku of a set-top box for the service, something the firm has said is in the pipeline.

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