Nest thermostat Google Play listing appears, then pulled

If you expected Google to sell the product of their recently-acquired company's works, Nest, to be sold by Google Play, you might have another thing coming. The product was listed today in a single page inside Google Play under a support topic, as any other Google Play-listed piece of hardware would be. It was subsequently pulled once social media picked it up.

When the support page was up, links were redirected to the Google Play Edition of the Motorola Moto G. This is likely due to the fact that Google does not have Nest available for sale through Google Play yet, and the listing was pushed prematurely.

While one listing has never before served as herald of the other, the appearance of this Nest Learning Thermostat with Google Play's support collection is certainly indicative of the device being sold straight through Google online in the near future. Google has never listed a product in this category before without also selling it through their Google Play online store.

Nest continues to be a relatively independently-run group within Google and the Nest Learning Thermostat will be sold again – crossing your fingers on that one – in the future. At the moment, sales of the product have been halted altogether until Google can decide how to move forward.

Update: The Nest Google Play listing is now live and official.

VIA: Droid Life