Nest commits to opt-in personal data model with Google, not opt-out

This of you looking to continue using Nest devices in the future now that Google owns the lot will find a comment from the company's founder to be particularly inspiring this morning. This week at the DLD 14 conference – Digital Life Design, that is – Nest founder T Fadell made a commitment that any change to use of personal data after the Google acquisition is finalized will be opt-in, not opt-out. This message comes from event attendee Rob Moffat – UPDATE: full interview also posted by DLD 14.

This bit of news should be rather welcome after a bit of backlash earlier this month when Nest announced that it would, indeed be getting acquired by Google. "We have no changes planned, and the data is to stay in Nest's world. If there are ever any changes whatsoever, we will be sure to be transparent about it, number one, and number two, for you to opt-in to it," suggested Fadell earlier today.

You'll also find the full interview available straight from the event organizers here with Fadell speaking at length about Nest and its future inside of Google.

"Build the thing that you guys really want to build. And if you have some spare cycles sometime in the future, maybe you might want to look at other things. But right now we are staying as nest and we're building the thing that we already have and building it for the world." Fadell continued: "That's what we're here to do. That's what we're really setting our minds to. And, you know, talk to us in 4-5 years, maybe that will have changed."

You'll certainly want to check out two sides of this story from the likes of SlashGear's own editors, starting with the piece by Chris Davies called I, for one, welcome our new Google Nest overlords. The other comes from Don Reisinger, working with the title The Secret to Nest's Future Success: be as un-Google as possible. Watch out for the continued evolution of this device and experience-creator!