Need for Speed will soon charge for gas

There's a new Need for Speed game coming to your iOS and/or Android devices this week, one that'll charge for gas. It's a "wait or pay" sort of game, as many in-app purchase-toting games today are. You can also pay to customize the look of your car or give it a nice boost in abilities. But don't forget your precious gas. The gas that you'd have to put in your car if you were really racing, and sponsored by automotive companies, and therefor wouldn't have to pay for anyway.

This isn't the first time we've heard of an app developer creating a game like this. It also isn't the first time we've seen a racing app suggest we need to pay to continue to play – or wait.

You don't NEED to pay, after all – you can just wait for your gas meter to recharge.

While you're waiting, why not check out another game that also has you waiting to play?

Perhaps you'd like to check out CSR Racing, or Star Wars Commander, or Tekken Card Tournament? Or any number of other games that do exactly the same thing as this "gas" feature?

Don't like in-app purchases? Wish you could see more high-quality games come to Android with one cost one time only?

The only way features in games like these are going to go away is if you go out and purchase games that do not have in-app purchases. Until developers are able to make money from people actively purchasing apps on Android (or iOS, for that matter), this in-app purchase system is going to continue.

VIA: Android Police

SOURCE: MobiFlip