NatGeo virtual backgrounds released for video chat

Today the folks at National Geographic released a wild collection of virtual backgrounds / wallpapers for students doing video chats for school. Virtual school, remote schooling, remote classroom work is currently more popular than it's ever been before, thanks to COVID-19 and the likely resurgence of the global pandemic thanks to winter – so National Geographic just stepped up to the plate.

In the National Geographic collection Virtual Backgrounds for School you'll find Animals, Dinosaurs, and my personal favorite: SPACE! To download any of these backgrounds, you'll need to tap or click your image of choice, then right-click or tap and hold the image until you see a dialogue prompting you to "Save Image As" or add said image to your photos, download, or add to Photo Roll.

We've got a few examples from the National Geographic collection in a gallery above. Tap the link in the paragraph above the gallery to see the full set. Below we've linked to a few other sets we've written about over the past few months, too!

The collection released today is just one piece of the larger collection available from some of the biggest names in recognizable imagery around the world. We've also seen some notable contributions from the BBC and Lucasfilm, too. The BBC's delivered a large collection of photographs from sets over the past several decades, while Lucasfilm's delivered so many Star Wars wallpapers, you'll never starve for another starfield.

See the official Star Wars background images collection now, or dive in to the BBC empty sets collection. You might also want to drop in on a Community TV show set we've collected ourselves, straight from Greendale.

National Geographic also has a "Family" section now with stories and projects for and about "fun ideas to help your kids explore the world." To tap into this action, head over to the NatGeo Family feed right about now.