NASA Curiosity Mars landing live video feed live in last half-hour

Chris Burns - Aug 6, 2012, 12:17 am CDT
NASA Curiosity Mars landing live video feed live in last half-hour

Over the past few weeks we’ve been prepping for the big day – today – when NASA releases the Curiosity Mars Rover to the red planet with live feeds from all directions. If you’re currently tuning in, you’ll want to head over to and watch live and direct from NASA. Once you’ve watched the whole set of events, head back to SlashGear to see our full report on the landing.

Everything that’s happened over the past few weeks and months since the original November launch of this ship can be found in our SlashGear 101 guide of NASA’s Curiosity Mars Landing Start to Finish. You’ll also want to check out the featured column by NASA’s own Gavin Mendeck who kindly worked with SlashGear to bring you a feature directly from the heart of the operation. That feature goes by the name of Countdown to Mars: Thoughts from a NASA Curiosity engineer.

The video below shows how the landing will take place:

What you’ll be seeing if you tune in to the live feed as well as the guide video above is the following situation:

• Entry Interface
• Peak Heating
• Hypersonic Aero-Maneuvering
• Parachute Deploy
• Heatshield Separation
• Radar Data Collection
• Backshell Separation
• Powered Descent
• Sky Crane Rover Separation
• First Contact
• Touchdown

Stick around as we’re head down this historic path to Mars. Let us know what you think we might find on the way there!

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