Mysterious Android MID rumored to take on iPod touch

Having only been looking at Android MIDs the other day, here's another to add to the roster.  An anonymous source sent Pocketables three images of an unnamed touchscreen device running Google's open-source mobile OS, with nothing but the hint of integrated 3G, WiFi and a display between 4.3 and 5 inches in size.

There are also rumors regarding what chipset is lurking inside, with a Rockchip CPU the likely candidate, and while no other details have been made known the source does say it's expected to perform better than Apple's iPod touch.  They went on to say that the MID is working its way around various Chinese tech sites, though gave no links to any original sources.

At first glance, this looks like one of the many OEM PMPs that the homebrew community get their hands on and tinker with, in the manner that we've already seen with the RAmos T11.  Still, there's always room in our hearts (but is there in our pockets?) for a new Android MID, so we're hoping this is a legitimate product and not someone's on-the-side project.