RAmos T11 720p PMP gets Android hack

Chris Davies - Jul 10, 2009
RAmos T11 720p PMP gets Android hack

RAmos PMPs have been quietly collecting plaudits for their excellent screen quality, and it seems the company might also have a future with Android, albeit unofficially.  One RAmos T11 owner decided to give his WVGA touchscreen PMP a shot of Google’s open-source platform, finding the Texas Instruments 202.5MHz DaVinci CPU played quite nicely with the OS.

While the underlying OS happily resizes to take advantage of all that screen area (together with the different aspect ratio from a traditional Android phone), third-party software titles are a different matter.  As you can see in the gallery below, at least one game has been designed for a cellphone screen, and so squeeze itself into a narrow column rather than occupying the entire touchscreen.

We’re also not too sure how usable the PMP would be, lacking the hardware buttons that Android demands, plus of course there’s no WiFi or 3G connection.  Still, you can’t argue too much about a 720p-capable Android PMP.

[via MP4 Nation]

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